About the California Medicine Scholars Program

The California Medicine Scholars Program (CMSP) seeks to reduce health disparities for communities of color in California by increasing the diversity of primary care physicians who are trained and ultimately practice in the state.

The CMSP is a supported student pre-med pathway. CMSP will be organized through Regional Hubs of Healthcare Opportunity (RHHOs) and will include community colleges, 4-year public and private universities, community-based health clinics and organizations, and medical schools. Cross-sector collaboration will be the foundation of the RHHOs in efforts to provide students with tailored support systems and healthcare focused extracurricular experiences.

If you are a current community college student who is interested or might be interested in entering a pre-med pathway, complete our interest form below to learn more about our program and steps to apply.


  • Rowena A. Robles, PhD

    Executive Director
  • Kaitlin Jackson, EdD

    Associate Director, Programs
  • Sos Nazaryan, MA

    Manager, Research and Data
  • Jessica Garcia, MS

    Program Specialist

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